The native app development refers to building a mobile app exclusively for a single platform. The app is built with programming languages and tools that are specific to a single platform.

Immediate access to new features

Native mobile apps can immediately access the latest iOS or Android features. As web technologies can’t directly use native APIs, hybrid apps have to wait until there’s a plugin that supports the new feature.

Better Store Support

A native app is easier to be published and usually ranked higher on the platform’s app store because it delivers better performance and speed.

More Secure

Web apps rely on different browsers and underlying technologies such as JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS. Developing a native mobile app is a great way to guarantee your users reliable data protection.

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Native app development requires different skills and technologies than mobile website development. You don’t have to worry about browser behavior and compatibility. You can use the native features of mobile OSs to deliver the user experience and implement the functionalities of your app.

Native For iOS App Development

You can create native iOS apps in React Native languages. Unlike Android, the iOS operating system has closed source code, created exclusively for Apple’s hardware. So, you need a Mac device to develop native mobile apps for the iOS platform. Apple has many excellent tools and resources you can use for iOS development, such as:

  • iOS SDK integrated with the Cocoa Touch UI framework
  • XCode, the official IDE for iOS development
  • TestFlight, a beta testing app

Native For Android App Development

You can develop native Android apps in React Native languages. Google provides you with advanced Android development tools, such as:

  • Android SDK (software development kit) bundled with Android Studio, the official IDE (integrated development environment) for Android
  • Command line tools for Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Firebase, a comprehensive mobile development platform